The Projects

The Reeds

The largest proposed sculptural installation in NI and the most innovative prevention barrier with global-learning for other cities worldwide. The interactive installation would be the largest public art sculpture in Northern Ireland. Through its sculptural form and dynamic illumination, it aims to promote a new perception of the bridge as a positive landmark with a sense of community ownership, whilst also acting as an effective prevention barrier.

The Bubbles

Riverside spaces to stimulate enterprise and job creation whilst embedding artificial Intelligence through a technology assistant with the public realm. More than 40 portable spaces will occupy the riverbanks and bridges. Each pod bubble will offer affordable space to existing arts and commercial organisations, business start-ups, and individuals to animate the riverbank creating an experimental work and social space that can become the physical measurement of innovation in the urban landscape.


A creative and innovative high-profile artist installation that will add to the residents’ and visitors’ experience of the city whilst improving isolation and connections across the river and city centre. A sensory and playful sculpture will draw people around the river, increasing footfall and improving navigation whilst reducing isolation and enhancing city connectivity. Acting as a gateway project and fostering community identity through programming within the neighbourhood context.


Using digital technologies and communication tools to create safer environments and provide empathetic messaging around mental health and wellbeing concerns in our public space. Working with statutory organisations around faster response to mental health concerns, Foyle Aware supports communities in detecting those vulnerable and communicating with loved ones during difficult times when messaging and procedure can be complex.